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Nutrition Department

The Nutrition Department plays a role in assisting the Department of Residential Life. Its monitors the catering company to ensure they are providing safe and healthy meals to the students. The dietitian receives the list of food items approved by the Nutrition Department, and then follows up on the process of storing such items in special stores at the restaurant of the residential unit and in accordance to the approved health and safety standards. In addition, all leftovers waste is disposed of following the approved safety guidelines.

Preparation of and cooking meals served to students take place at the restaurants of the following residential units:

  1. The restaurant in residential unit Maqam 1 serves the residence in Maqam 1 and Maqam 3.
  2. The restaurant in residential unit Maqam 2 serves the residence in Maqam 2.
  3. The restaurant in Tawam Residential Unit serves the residence in Tawam Residential Unit.
  4. The restaurant in residential unit A11 serves female students in the residential unit - building A and residential unit Maqam 4.
  5. The restaurant in Seeh Bin Ammar residential unit serves male students in the Seeh Bin Ammar residential unit.
  6. The restaurant in G3 dining hall serves the residence in Maqam 5.

To view the Guidelines in the residential units’ restaurants Click here.


- Menus (male / female)

- Menus for the month of Ramadan (male / female)


Restaurant Opening Times:





7:00 AM

10:00 AM


12:30 PM

3:30 PM


6:30 PM

9:30 PM

Iftar (in Ramadan)

5:00 PM

8:00 PM



12:00 AM

3:00 AM


12:30 AM

3:30 AM

Oct 18, 2016