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Career Counseling

The Career Planning Services Center offers valuable career planning services that aim to assist UAEU students in setting goals and taking appropriate decisions related to their desired careers; in addition to, equipping them with the needed employability skills to prepare them for the world of work. The Center’s services include:

  • Support with Choosing a Major: Assist students in choosing the major that best suit their personality, strengths and career choice.
  • Individual Counseling: One-to-one sessions offered by the Center’s Career Counselors to help students in creating and implementing their own career plans and in developing a greater sense of self-awareness relevant to the career development process.
  • Group Counseling Sessions: Group sessions designed to provide students with support in issues related to career exploration, career development and other career related issues.
  • Career Workshops: Throughout the academic year, the CCPP offers a wide range of interactive workshops to equip students with the needed employability skills and to prepare them for the world of work. Workshops include:

    • Effective Resume Writing
    • Interview Success
    • Job Search Techniques & Strategies
    • Work Ethics
    • Time Management
    • Understanding the Job Market
  • Career Assessments & Tests: These tools are used to assist students in gaining a better understanding of their skills, strengths, values and interests which will help them in making the right decisions about their careers.
  • Career Resources: The Center provides students with publications and resources covering different career-related topics.


Office Hours:
Sunday to Thursday
7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Make an Appointment

Male Students: Visit Building F3, 2nd Floor, Office #225.

Female Students: Visit Building B3, 1st Floor, Offices #1009 & #1007.

Jun 15, 2014