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Message from the Deputy VC for Student Affairs and Enrollment

Dr. Ali Al Kaabi

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment. Life at UAEU is more than just getting a degree; there are many exciting and challenging opportunities that promote academic interest such as extra-curricular activities, social engagements, community service, and much more. The Student Affairs and Enrollment Division is committed to advancing student learning that builds a community. We are a learning organization that creates engaging environments and programs to transform student learning. We promote a caring and safe community that increases our students' abilities to learn and make smart choices. We promote inclusiveness, support the success and growth of all students, and enrich the student experience. UAEU graduates are equipped with lifelong skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, leadership, and how to be a team player.

The high number of students participating in our programs and activities indicates that many of our students avail of the extra-curricular opportunities offered by our array of student clubs. We hope that our students will continue to be involved so that they can benefit from the out-of-classroom experiences that complement their academic life. We encourage you to get involved in student life, to make new friends, become a member of a student club, or to get involved as a student ambassador at open days and campus activities, and to make a difference in yours and other students’ lives. Your time at UAEU can be as fulfilling, exciting, fun, and rewarding as you would like it to be.

Dr. Ali Al Kaabi
Deputy VC for Student Affairs & Enrollment

Jun 14, 2016