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Student Affairs Deanship

The Division of Student Affairs is here to support and foster your intellectual and personal growth and help you explore and experience the different aspects of university life.  We care about you, your studies, your social growth, your well-being and your future and want to help you enjoy a great UAEU experience.

Our philosophy for the student experience is founded upon the intellectual, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cultural growth and nurturing of students.  The Student Affairs Deanship and our partners throughout the University, are here to support you in reaching your highest potential in the areas of  intellectual curiosity, personal well-being, professional competency, leadership development, and engagement in and contribution to the larger community. Within our division we have three departments:

Student Services Department

The Student Services Department develops, coordinates and provides comprehensive support services to ensure the continued growth and development of our students that include, special need services, health services, counseling services, international student services, financial aid services and many more.

Student Activities Department

The Student Activities Department fosters students’ success and takes pride in working with and helping students, faculty, alumni, and the UAEU community strive towards excellence. Our primary focus is to provide a collection of extra-curricular programs and activities that promote the development of the students’ academic experience at the University and aids their growth and development. The student activities include, cultural and heritage activities, sports and recreational activities, theatre & fine arts activities and leadership & student organizations.

Residential Life Department

The Residential Life Department provides a housing system designed to provide an exceptional opportunity for students to build a community with one another and to have a home away from home. The Residence Life Department supports the academic mission of the University by providing living and learning communities that enhance student success. We provide safe, clean, and well maintained facilities that meet the diverse needs of our residents.

Jul 15, 2014