UAEU Discuss the Project to Establish the Union of GCC Universities

UAEU Discuss the Project to Establish the  Union of GCC Universities                     

The first meeting of the Sub-committee of the “Gulf Cooperation Council” (GCC) Presidents of universities and higher education institutions convened on Monday (3/3/2014) in the “Kingdom of Bahrain”, commissioned to study the project of a “Union of GCC Universities”. Dr. “Ebrahim Janahi”, President of the “University of Bahrain”, opened the first meeting and welcomed the (GCC) universities presidents, and stressed the importance of going forward with the Union project and its importance in promoting the integration of the Gulf university’s educational and research aspects and the exchange of experience and human resources capacity because of its significant impact in supporting the development of the Gulf.


Dr. “Ali Rashid Al Noeimi”, UAE University Vice Chancellor, attended the meeting, who, in turn, stressed the need for the universities union to have an educational entity represent them globally and ininternational forums. The Committee presented a thorough examination of the project, including an integrated vision of the Union's objectives and organizational aspects and general frameworks for joint action in the interest of the people of the (GCC), taking into account the experience and expertise of similar unions, both from the constituent organizational or management aspects, at the end of the meeting, participants toured the "University of Bahrain”, in which they viewed the University’s facilities, faculties and laboratories.

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Dec 13, 2017