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BSc in Nutritional Science

Student Handbook

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College of Food and Agriculture

Nutrition and Health Department

Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

Mission, Goals, and Learning Outcomes

Program Mission

Nutritional Science aims at understanding the relationships between nutrition, health and


The program emphasizes basic sciences in human nutrition. It provides graduates with

strong skills to lead the promotion of a healthy nutrition to prevent major diseases among

individuals, and groups in the UAE population, through education, community

interventions, food and supplements development and market or nutrition communication.

It also prepares graduates to further studies in health-related professions such as medicine,

dentistry, nursing, or physical therapy

Program Goals and Objectives

PG-1: To provide knowledge, skills and professional values for a successful career in

nutrition and potential entry into graduate education

PG-2: To prepare graduates who demonstrate commitment to community service,

leadership, communication and research skills as well as ethical values

Dec 10, 2018
Nov 20, 2022