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BSc in Nutritional Science

Student Handbook

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Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

Upon successful completion of the Program, students will be able to:

PLO-1: Explain scientific basis of human nutrition, nutritional requirements, nutritional

epidemiology and research methods

PLO-2: Implement nutritional assessment, nutrient analysis of foods and dietary planning

for individuals and group

PLO-3: Describe the food chain and its impact on food choices and practices in social

and behavioral contexts

PLO-4: Demonstrate ethical behavior and values of professional conduct, according to

good clinical practices

PLO-5: Formulate ideas and opinions concerning food and diet

PLO-6: Evaluate appropriate theories and methods (dietary, research, statistical) for

health promotion, education and nutrition-related investigations

PLO-7: Effectively perform and interpret statistical analyses for decision-making

purposes in the field of nutrition

PLO-8: Demonstrate the ability to work efficiently and effectively in group

PLO-9: Communication effectively in oral and written forms with diverse audiences

The PLOs of the BSc in Nutritional Science are aligned with the National Qualifications

Framework United Arab Emirates (QFE).

Dec 10, 2018
Nov 20, 2022