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Center for Career Placement and Alumni

The Center for Career Placement and Alumni (CCPA) provides students and Alumni with many opportunities for career preparation and employment. Through our different services, we aspire to provide students with internship and work placements that have a significant impact on their professional lives; to prepare students for developing and pursuing careers and to assist them in the cultivation and enrichment of career-related skills; to build a strong connection and collaboration with all UAEU alumni; and to provide effective and efficient services to organizations seeking to employ the institution’s graduates and students.

The CCPA consists of 2 sections:

Career Planning & Placement Section

The Career Planning & Placement Section strives to provide the best possible services to UAEU students and alumni through:

  1. Career Planning & Advising (CAP) Services:The Career Planning and Advising (CAP) Services aims to assist UAEU students in setting goals and taking appropriate decisions related to their desired careers; in addition to, equipping them with the needed employability skills to prepare them for the world of work. The types of CAP services offered include: individual career counseling sessions, group career counseling sessions, career-related workshops and outreach programs, career assessments, and career resources. 

  2. Internship & Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) Services: The Center for Career Placement & Alumni works closely with Colleges to the support the different internship programs at UAEU. Through providing different iWIL services, the CCPP aims to build the bridge between the world of learning and the world of work. The major iWIL services include: the iWIL online system, the internship pre-placement workshops, internship publications, and identifying internship opportunities for UAEU students.

  3. Graduate Placement Services (GPS):Through the graduate placement services, the CCPA aims to link UAEU graduates and students with different public and private sector employers by offering an array of activities, programs and resources including the “Job Navigator” portal, career fairs, employer days, on-campus interviews and identifying job opportunities for UAEU fresh graduates and alumni.

Alumni Affairs Section

We are proud of our alumni and their achievements and aspire to build a strong connection and collaboration with them.  The Alumni Affairs Section at CCPA provides a range of professional and social networking benefits. In addition, as a UAEU Alumni, you can enjoy different services and on-campus facilities including a lifetime email account, the UAEU Alumni ID Card, access to full library services on-campus, discounts through the Privilege Card at numerous establishments, special discounts on continuing education courses and workshops, and the use of sport facilities at the University campus.

Jul 27, 2017