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Student Academic Success Program (SASP)

The Student Academic Success Program (SASP) provides students with academic support services such as Independent Learning Centers (ILCs), Tutorials and Writing & Speaking Centers, and all UAEU University students are encouraged to use these centers.  SASP also includes a First Year Experience program that involves students in engaging activities during new-student orientation, provides diagnostic services and workshops. Short courses are offered on study and writing skills, reading and learning strategies, listening and note taking, test taking, stress management and other matters that enable students to succeed in their studies. SASP also offers workshops and other forms of assistance related to the Institutional Learning Outcomes expected of all graduates.

In addition, SASP advises all preparatory students, transfer students and undergraduate students until they complete 60 credits or 50 percent of a baccalaureate program or until they have entered the first semester in their major. Thereafter, the faculties from the other nine colleges are responsible for academic advising.


Mar 9, 2015