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Vice Chancellor’s Message

Prof. Mohamed Albaili

The United Arab Emirates University strives to provide the best learning environment in order to achieve international standards and provide accredited academic programs. These higher education and graduate programs must keep pace with rapid changes in society and the labor market which needs national graduates capable of taking on responsibility. As such, we need to continue to develop in terms of scientific research. The university has already started on a radical shake up in various fields in order to reach international standards of excellence in its scientific and research practices.

UAEU has made innovation a strategic priority and seeks to encourage creativity and innovation that can contribute to strengthening sustainable development and the development of a knowledge economy at local and international levels. Through promoting creativity and innovation the university has established a competitive spirit throughout the scientific research community. This is in line with the national leadership’s ambitious vision of striving for continued excellence and leadership.

The university prepares students by developing skills, abilities and talents. This prepares graduates for the labor market. The continuous assessment of the teaching and learning process reflects the university’s desire to prepare students for the labor market.

UAEU is improving in terms of employee and administrative efficiency. This, in turn, lays the foundations to support business development, teamwork, innovation and efficiency. There are also ongoing periodical revisions of internal regulations, policies and procedures which benefit the university community and our strategic partners.

The high ranking of UAEU as a leading scientific institution in higher education in the UAE is the result of sustained efforts towards creativity, innovation and scientific research, while still safeguarding the societal values and principles promoted by the national leadership.


Professor Mohamed Albaili
Vice Chancellor
United Arab Emirates University

Jul 30, 2017