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First of all, thank you for choosing the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). We welcome you and wish you a successful time studying here with us. We are sure you will find the learning experience challenging yet rewarding.

The University’s Registration Department is the trustee of student records. Our Department deals with students from all the UAEU Colleges, helping students to enroll in department academic courses. Our office is responsible for:

  • Admitting students;

  • Registering students;

  • Enrolling students;

  • Processing grades;

  • Assessing and recording student academic standing;

  • Verifying and certifying degree completion;

  •  Preparing the academic calendar;

  • Managing student academic records;

  • Processing student academic grievances and appeals;

  • Managing student payments and maintaining student accounts;

  • Maintaining the Student Information System; and Preparing, updating, and publishing course schedules and class timetables

Latest Registration News

Date News  
5th Sept 2016 Registration Postponement Manual PDF
5th Sept 2016 University Withdrawal Procedure Manual PDF
5th Sept 2016
Attendance System Manual for Students PDF
5th Oct 2015 New System (Whom It May Concern  ) PDF
9th Oct 2014 Steps how to register through eServices PDF
19th Jan 2014 Mobile services for students PDF
10th Mar 2013 Steps to apply for internal transfer between Colleges through eService PDF
Jul 27, 2017