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Academic Terminology

Below is an explanation of some terms and phrases which will help you during your registration.

A course is an academic syllabus with outlined goals and content. It is closely related to other prescribed courses listed in the curriculum.

Pre-requisite Course
A pre-requisite course is a course that must be completed before registering in other dependent courses.

A number of prescribed courses that, when successfully completed, qualify the student to earn a university degree in a specific major, provided that other degree requirements are fulfilled. This includes a minimum cumulative GPA, and a minimum number of semesters. Curricula vary based on the major and specialization selected.

Credit Hour
A credit hour is a unit of learning that is scheduled over a period of 16 weeks, and constitutes one hour of class learning (lecture) and two to three hours of practical learning sessions (labs and workshops) per week.

Study Load (Per Semester)
The study load (also referred to as course load) is the total number of credit hours a student is allowed to register for in one semester. It ranges from a maximum of 19 credit hours, to a minimum of 12 credit hours, depending on individual College requirements.

A request for a reduced course load of less than 12 credit hours may be considered in some cases, subject to the approval of the College Dean.

Academic Advisors
Each group of students is assigned an academic advisor at the Colleges. The advisor is responsible for supervising and reviewing a student’s academic standing and progress, as well as offering assistance in order for students to complete their graduation requirements, and to help them overcome any difficulties they may encounter during their studies. Students are encouraged to contact their advisors and seek assistance, whenever necessary.

Registration Schedule
The registration schedule is a list outlining the courses a student has registered for, class times, locations, and dates of mid-term and final exams for a given semester. Each student is provided with a registration schedule.

Incomplete Courses
If a student fails to sit the final exam, due to reasons accepted by the relevant College, an incomplete grade is recorded on his/her transcript, a student must sit the course(s) final exams during the next semester. If a student fails to re-sit for the incomplete course final exam in the next semester, he/she will fail the course

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The GPA is the point average a student achieves in registered courses at the end of a given semester. It is calculated firstly by multiplying each of the courses grade by its credit hours. Secondly, add these totals of all the courses taken by the student in the semester. Lastly, divide this amount by the total number of credit hours the student took. The result is the student’s GPA.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
The Cumulative GPA is the overall point average for all semesters since a student enrolled at the University. It is calculated firstly by multiplying each of the courses grade by its credit hours, for all courses taken by the student since enrollment at the University. Secondly, add these totals together. Lastly, divide this amount by the total number of credit hours since enrollment. The result is the Cumulative GPA.

Academic Probation

A student placed on academic probation, if he/she achieved a GPA of less than 2.0 after completing 21 credit hours of study.
Students on probation are limited to a study load of 13 hours per semester.

Academic Transcript

Academic Transcript include the student personal and relevant identifying information , courses registered at each semester with the final grades and the student’s academic standing at the end of each academic semester
Nov 25, 2015