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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions by prospective students or current UAEU students at either undergraduate or graduate level. Please browse through the questions.

Who can register?

All enrolled students can register, except students who are not eligible to register in the early registration. These students will be able to register at the add/drop period, which will be on the beginning of next semester.

What if I want to change my registration?

You can change your registration during the drop/add period, which will be at the beginning of next semester.

If I am not eligible to register during early registration, when can I register?

Students who are not eligible to register in the early registration, will be able to register at the add/drop period, which will be on the beginning of next semester.

How do I get my course schedule?

You can get your courses schedule via E-Services by follow below steps:

  1. Log on to E-Services by using your ID and password
  2. Click to Student & Financial Aid.
  3. Click to Registration.
  4. Click to Student Detailed Schedule.
  5. Select a Term, and view your courses schedule

I am trying to register but I get a pre-requisite error message, what is a pre-requisite?

A pre-requisite course means that there is course, which a student must pass before enrolling in the more advanced course.

Can I register in a course which has a prerequisite?

Yes, in case you passed the prerequisite course(s). also, if you are registered a prerequisite course with required course in same term, but you need to have Scientific Section approval.

What is a credit hour?

it is a is a learning unit that scheduled over a period of 16 weeks, and constitutes one hour for lecture, or two to three hours for practical learning sessions like: labs and workshops per week.

How many courses do I need to register (study load - course load)?

The study load (also referred to as the course load) it is the total number of credit hours that student allowed to register during one semester. The maximum of registration is 19 credit hours, and the minimum of registration is 12 credit hours.

To register less than 12 credit hours you need to have the College Dean approval.

If I need help to registering, who help me?

For assistance, you can contact with registration department or your College Advising Unit.

What if I do not register and do not apply for registration postponement?

In case you didn`t register, we advise you to fill out postpone request to avoid any future dismissal.

If I passed a course, can I repeat it?

You are eligible to repeat a course, which you earned a grade of C- or below, and have that grade excluded from his/her GPA subject. Below are the conditions

  • Student`s GPA should be less than 2.00
  • Student can repeat a maximum of two courses in a semester.
  • Student should repeat the same course.
  • Student can repeat the course only once.
  • University Foundation Program courses are not included.
  • The repeated courses will be included in the students study load.
  • Higher grade for the course after repetition will be counted for student GPA.

What if I am a new student and do not register?

Your admission will be canceled

What is an ‘FA’ Grade?

if student’s absences in any course equal or exceed 15% of the total class meeting time for the semester, the student will be considered as having failed the course for lack of attendance, and receive a grade of “FA”.

If the absences are legitimate, the student will be dropped from the course without failure and receive a grade of “AW” (Administrative Withdrawal) after the approval of the College Dean and College Council.

What is an Academic Advisor and how can he/she help me?

The Academic Advisor is a teacher assigned for a group of students from the Colleges. Your advisor gives you advice and help you overcome any difficulties you may encounter during your studies. Students are encouraged to contact with their advisors and seek assistance, whenever necessary.

Do I have to see my advisor before registration?

Yes, you will need to see your advisor before registration to remove the hold on your record, and discuss with him/her your courses that need to register.

Can I register if I am currently on Probation?

Yes, you can register but during the times indicated on the program with a maximum of 13 credit hours.

How many hours can I register for?

  • Students with a good academic standing may register for 12 to 19 credit hours.
  • Students who are currently on Probation cannot register for more than 13 credit hours.
  • Honor students and students who expected to graduate in the current semester, may register for up to 22 credit hours with College approval.

What is an academic probation?

A student placed on academic probation if his/her Cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 for (21) credit hours. The student then has two further semesters on academic probation to attain a Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and return to good academic standing.

Can I register for the University Foundation Program courses?

Usually, registration for UFP courses scheduled at the beginning of the semester. If you fail any UFP course at the end of the current semester, you will have an opportunity to update your registration during the add/drop period.

If I have a ‘Hold’, in my registration, what should I do?

Frist of all, you need to check which type of holds you have, by following steps:

  1. 1. Log on to E-Services by using your ID and password
  2. Click to Student Tab
  3. Click to Registration
  4. Select View Holds

Then, to expire your hold you need to contact with responsible department. Like: contact with your advisor for the CH and HD holds. In addition, for the LH Hold, contact with the library.

How can I request to have the ceiling of a section increased?

Please contact your advising unit of the College which offering the course.

What is Term GPA?

Grade Point Average, a calculated value representing the student’s academic performance for each semester.

What is The Cumulative GPA?

Grade Point Average, a calculated value representing the student’s academic performance for all semester.

What is an (I) incomplete grade?

A student who is in good standing in a course and is unable to complete a major requirement of the course (e.g., the final exam, a project, or a term paper) may be assigned a grade of Incomplete “I” pending review of the circumstances by the instructor. The student will be permitted to take an appropriate final examination or submit other work to complete the missing requirement of the course no later than the end of the next regular semester, If the student does not complete the missing work in order to have the “I” grade changed within the period allowed, the “I” grade will be replaced with a failing grade.


If the location of the lecture has been changed, how will I be notified?

Contact with your advising units.

Who is responsible for any comment, which appears on my academic transcript?

The Student Records Officer is responsible for any comment appears on your transcript. Registration Department is located Crescent Building, 1st floor.

During registration or the Add/Drop period if I receive the following message, “You are not permitted to register at this time”, what does that mean?

This message means that you are not in your correct period of registration. Please follow registration schedule program or contact with the Records Officer at the Registration Department.

I want to study summer courses at another University, what process should I follow.

To study summer course outside UAEU, you need to follow below steps:

  1. Apply for summer study course(s) outside UAEU at the Advising Unit of your College.
  2. Have the approval from the Registration Department in the Crescent Building
  3. Get the approval letter to the University, which you intend to study on.

What are the conditions for transferring to another College?

UAEU regulations allow students to transfer internally from one College to another only once during his/her enrollment at the University. The transfer applications will be submitted online through e-service and UAEU mobile application to the Registration Department during the announced dates on the academic calendar.

The conditions for internal transfer between the colleges are as follows:

  1. The students must complete all University Foundation Program (UFP) courses.
  2. The earned hours for the students must not exceed 75% of the course in the current College.
  3. The students under probation are not allowed to apply for transfer.
  4. The students must fulfill the College conditions. Like: interview, writing test, High School GPA.
  5. The students with scholarships must provide an approval letter from the sponsor institute and submit it to the Registration Department.

Other nationality students

Student allowed transferring upon his request only once, and the transfer between colleges is competitive and according to the vacant seats in the college. To accept a student’s transfer application from a college to another, he/she should meet the terms & conditions. So please contact advising units.

How do I apply to transfer to another College?

Kindly view below link, to know more about how to apply for transfer between Colleges

Click here


Nov 30, 2015