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The Center for Career Placement and Alumni (CCPA) works closely with Colleges to the support the different internship programs at UAEU. The Internship & Work-Integrated Learning (iWIL) services at CCPA aim to build the bridge between the world of learning and the world of work through:

  • The iWIL Online System: A web-based information system that supports all operations related to internships. It covers all functions and procedures performed by the students, colleges, and internship partners. The automated internship operations encompass CV writing, placement, keeping in contact while on internships, monitoring and evaluation.

    Students, College Internship Coordinators and Registered Internship Partners can login by visiting the iWIL online system link.

  • The iWIL Pre-Placement Workshops: Labor market preparation is perhaps the most important feature of a student’s internship experience. The Center develops and assists in the delivery of a series of workshops aimed at students pre-placement preparation. These workshops help students in writing an effective resume, developing their interview and communication skills and understanding appropriate work ethics and employers’ expectations.

  • iWIL Publications: The Center for Career Placement and Alumni publishes different internship publications to assist in preparing and guiding students for their internships.

  • Internship Partnerships: The Center identifies potential internship placements through establishing solid partnerships with both private and public organizations in the UAE.

Pre-placement Workshops

Workshop I - Steps to Success: Writing An Effective Resume

In this workshop, students are trained on filling out their application forms and curriculum vitae. Through this workshop, students are prepared to identify and form their career objectives, and to assess their qualifications (intellectual, professional and social skills) vis-à-vis the sought-after career skills.

Workshop II - Career Start-up: Interview Skills

In this workshop the interns are prepared for commitment to their prospective employer and career choices being sought-after. Through this workshop the interns are also prepared to market their qualifications for the different career opportunities, to grasp & maximize what internships offer, and to develop the communication, behavioral and professional skills needed for job interviews.

Workshop III: Work Ethics

In this workshop, students will gain some skills about work ethics and employer expectations.

Outstanding Interns Award

The Outstanding Intern Award (OIA) was launched by the Center in May 2010 and was created as an initiative to increase students' engagement and motivation during their internship course. The Award is designed to recognize and reward students who demonstrate outstanding academic excellence and strong practical performance during their internship at the work place.

Internships are an invaluable experience for students that provides them with the necessary skills needed for employment upon graduating.

Award Details

Students from all UAEU Colleges that have significantly excelled in their internship assignments will be nominated by their College to receive the award.  The OIA will be presented every semester during Internship Days.

In addition to the Award, students will be provided with an Outstanding Intern Certificate that they can add to their CV portfolio to help them gain an edge over other applicants during their post-graduation job search.

Internship Student Handbook

The iWIL Student Handbook provides students with the required information to succeed in their internship course.


Nov 9, 2014