The United Arab Emirates University organizes a workshop called “Innovation in the age of Creativity”

In cooperation with the Leadership Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior: 

The Innovation Support Team in the College of Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University, organized a workshop on “Innovation in the age of Creativity” on Monday, February 15th, 2016 in the Crescent Building at UAEU. It was held jointly with the Leadership Development Center of the Ministry of the Interior. The workshop was designed to develop innovation and initiative in faculty, staff and students as part of the university’s drive towards promoting a knowledge economy.

Dr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali, Director of the Leadership Development Center in the General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, pointed out that there are many definitions for innovation and creativity. He explained that the most important idea was to improve operations, services and products and apply new ideas.

He added that, “innovators and creative people have many qualities in common. That is intelligence, self-confidence and ambition, as well as flexibility of thought perseverance”. He mentioned many tools such as brainstorming, mind maps, and the random generation of ideas.

Dr. Al Ali spoke about the Ministry of the Interior’s experiences of innovation and stressed the importance of innovation. This results in many new proposals and innovative ideas. Finally he suggested methods to promote innovation.

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