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United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education, United Arab Emirates University. An important goal of the Department is to advance knowledge and professional practice in teaching, learning and community service. The Department is committed to ensuring excellence in education through preparation of outstanding students to join the education field in the UAE. This is accomplished by a focus on  creative practices, contemporary teaching models and new learning approaches.

The Department offers an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education to prepare students to work with children from birth to eight years of age.  Masters programs are available in: Early Childhood Education; English Education; Mathematics Education; Arabic Education; Science Education and Social Studies Education.  PhD programs are offered in: Science Education; Mathematics Education; and Language and Literacy Education. 

Faculty members in the Department are involved in a wide range of scholarship and activities, with research specifically addressing issues of concern and interest to the UAE context. The findings and recommendations of those studies are put forward to assist policy-makers in taking appropriate measures and decisions to improve education in the country.Like teaching and scholarship activities, the Department participates in community service at the local, national, regional and international levels. The academic international recognition of the College of Education enables the Department to offer consultancies to a wide range of high profile organisations.  Taken together, and with the support of colleagues from other departments and the University, the Department will continue to improve its services to its community and work assiduously to develop academic and research policy agenda to achieve and maintain the UAE University mission. 

Vision & Mission


The Department of Curriculum seeks to prepare a generation of teachers who is able to keep up with the latest aspects of progress in international education, and is able to accomplish high quality and excellence in the profession.


The Department of Curriculum prepares and qualifies teachers who acknowledge the professional and technical demands of the twenty first century; teachers who are able to innovate and compete in the educational field to an achievement level that meets the admissions and inspirations of the education endeavor and strategic planning of the UAE.

Academic Programs



The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has several facilities where students develop their skills and abilities and successfully communicate with educational societies inside and outside the college.

These facilities are:

  • Early Childhood Center.
  • Math and Science Center.
  • Computer labs.


Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Ext.

Dr. Rachel Allison Takriti

Associate Professor, Chair of Department


Prof. Hassan Tairab



Prof. Ali Shehadeh



Prof. Ahmad Qablan



Dr. Negmeldin Alsheikh

Associate Professor


Dr. Qilong Zhang 

Associate Professor


Dr. Ghadah Morshedi

Associate Professor


Dr. Badrya AlKhanbooli

Assistant Professor


Dr. Mona Al-Janahi

Assistant Professor


Dr. XIE Qiuzhi (Claire)

Assistant Professor


Dr. Jamie Costley

Assistant Professor 


Dr. Lindsay Schofield

Assistant Professor


Prof. David Palfreyman



Dr. Jogymol Alex

Assistant Professor 


Dr. Susan Atkinson

Assistant Professor 



Note: If calling from outside the UAEU organization, dial (+971 3 713) before the extension.

Name Position Email Ext
Hind Al Darmaki Secretary 6236

General Enquiries

Thank you for your interest in the Curriculum and Instruction Department. We welcome your query and encourage you to contact us using the information below:

College of Education,
United Arab Emirates University,
P.O.Box: 15551, Al Ain,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone : + 971 3 713 6236

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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