Marhaba Alssaa Program at the UAE University to Welcome new Students

The “UAE University” completed all preparations to receive a new batch of students in the second semester, reaching (525) male and female students from all the Emirates, Professor “Ghaleb Alhadrami” Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Enrollment, said that new students will start the University beginning next Sunday (9/2/2014).              

“Alhadrami” clarified that the Committee supervising welcoming new students in cooperation with various university departments, has prepared an integrated program within the program "Marhaba Alssaa", which is a briefing organized quarterly by the University to welcome new students, attended by His Excellency Dr. “Ali Rashed Al Nuaimi”, Vice Chancellor, deans of colleges, heads of academic departments, administrative personnel and students, to highlight the set of principles, rules and regulations of the University, in addition to the importance of student enrolment in this leading University which graduated generations which contributed to the sustainable development process in the State. "Noura Al Shamsi," Director of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Enrollment office which supervises the program "Marhaba Alssaa", said that for the first time the program on the first day (08/02/2014) is hosting parents on campus with their students to inform them of their children's lives in the university and housing, and to give them details regarding this important stage in the life of a university student, while the official reception for parents will be on Sunday (9/2/2014) for a tour inside the University, in addition to an evening orientation session which includes a lecture about University life and welcome heritage sketches. The third day is devoted to academic advising at separate periods for male and female students, then to undergo the "CEPA" exam. The students are instructed on placement examinations and course registration through the website, and there is a trip for students to the “Al Ain Zoo” on the fourth day, the last day of the program Wednesday (12/01/2014) is for registration in colleges via the Internet.

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