UAEU Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Medicine Graduates 2003-2004

The “CMHS Alumni Association” at the “UAE University” celebrated, during the tenth annual meeting of college students, the graduates of batch (2003-2004) on the occasion of the (10th) anniversary of their graduation. The ceremony, held at “Sheikh Khalifa Auditorium” at the college in “Al Ain” city, was attended by: Professor “Mohamed Albaili”, Deputy VC for Academic Affairs (Provost), Professor “Mohamed Yousif Baniyas”, Vice Chancellor of “Emirates College for Advanced Education”, Prof “Tar-Ching Aw”, Interim Dean of College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. “Ahmed AlSuwaidi”, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean for Student & Alumni Affairs, along with a number of academic and administrative faculty members of the college. The ceremony was also attended by a group of doctors and specialists from “Tawam Hospital” and “Al-Ain hospital”, and a group of medicine students.                  

Professor “Albaili” praised the efforts of the university’s administration, and by his Excellency Sheikh “Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan”, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Supreme Head of the University, for his keenness and follow-up on students affairs and graduates, and for his ongoing directives that help graduates of the “UAE University” do their part in the institutions and prestigious authorities with public benefit. “Albaili” convayed the regards of Dr. “Ali Rashid Al Noaimi”, UAEU Vice Chancellor, to the college and its students and graduates, saying: “UAE University is always keen to provide an educational and academic environment with international standards that commensurate with the cultural, constructional, and economic boom in the “UAE”, and that requires the availability of qualified national cadres who are capable of managing and facing future challenges”.                   

Dr. “Alia Albawardi” from the “College of Medicine and Health Sciences”, head of the “Alumni Association”, presented the achievements of batch (2003-2004), comprised of (46) male and female students, and mentioned their major works and participation of the doctors of this batch. She said: “College of Medicine and Health Sciences” used to organize this ceremony every year to serve as a link between the graduates and the college in order to maintain communication between both of them”.                  

Dr. “Tar-Ching Aw”, Interim Dean of College of Medicine and Health Sciences, thanked the attendees for their interaction and attendance, especially the graduates, most of whom have held administrative and field positions. He also affirmed that the college is moving forward with its methodology and sustainable plan to present generations of qualified national medical cadres through the international educational programs and the recruitment of teaching cadres from different countries, and through holding international and external training programs that are on a par with the prestigious international medical universities.                   

The “Interim Dean of College of Medicine and Health Sciences” added that the number of college graduates since its establishment has reached (612) students, that is, (181) male students and (431) female students. As for the batch expected to graduate in the academic year (2013-2014), the number has reached (54) students, that is, (16) male students and (38) female students. Dr. “Amer Sharif” from the College delivered the graduates speech, and thanked the “UAE University” and the College deanship for organizing this event and giving them the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, and review the most important achievements they have made during the past ten years. Then, Professor “Mohamed Yousif Baniyas” delivered the guest of honor speech. The event was concluded by honoring the graduates and the event’s sponsoring bodies. It was followed by activities and scientific competitions between the graduates and students of the “College of Medicine” and faculty members.

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