UAEU discuss 80 projects for engineering students

The "College of Engineering" at the “UAE University”, organized the final examinations of (80) graduation projects with the participation of (268) male and female students at the campus in the city of “Al Ain”, where specialized arbitration committees have been set up for each Department.
The Dean of the College of engineering professor “Amr El-Dieb”, said that the event is conducted by the College annually, adding that the “Integrative Design” course that is studied inn two consecutive semesters in the last year aims to introduce students to design methodology and project management through the organization of time, effort and cost required, and  to strengthen oral and written communication skills and dealing with global design specifications according to the product or process to be studied, to give students a true experience enabling them to manufacturing modern  products, producing new appliances or upgrading existing operations.
The Assistant Dean for Students Dr. “Nabil Bastaki”, said that the graduation project is a joint collaboration between the faculty members, students and industrial  authorities in application of geometric designs with professional qualities to serve the community, the process allocates (270) hours of work in the industry per student, in partnership with a team by the sponsor, industrial problems are handled by a different vision to create new opportunities for their solution, the students present a final report containing the final designs, this process provides a mechanism for industrial companies to identify students with the possibility of attracting them to work with them in the future.
Student projects was marked by participation by innovative ideas that are in synch with the demands of society and the development of new technologies and new, (14) projects obtained funding by some industrial manufacturers, such as the use of digital imaging for accurate measurement of offsets structural elements under constant load, system design by programing project, and comparing the performance of battery technologies that store solar energy for street lighting, design and building a "hydrogen generator", a battery operated by water project, multi-story building design project of reinforced concrete project, a sports center project, a project to design and build a safe mini helicopter and other projects that were funded by government authorities such as the “Abu Dhabi Electricity And Water Authority", "Emirates Aluminum", "ADNOC" and "HTPM Solar System Solutions”.
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