UAEU Discusses with Ningxia Muslim International Language College

A delegation from “Ningxia Muslim International Language College” in “China” paid a visit to the “UAE University” to discuss joint cooperation, and to open pathways of communication. The delegation of the governmental Chinese college was represented by His Excellency Dr. “Abdelrahman Yoshwa”, the Chinese government representative and chairman of the college, and Dr. “Shazha Sabri Al Kbeisi”, head of foreign affairs at the college.                     

Dr. “Abdulrahman Yoshwa” said that “Ningxia College” was established in response to the friendly cooperation between “China” and the Arab World, which is considered a base for training and qualification, and more than (1500) male and female students, mostly Chinese who wish to learn Arabic, have joined the center. It is also a place for teaching other languages such as Chinese and English, and with the opening of new technical, scientific, and humanities sections, the center is eager to be transformed into a university where Arabic Language is a top priority as per the center’s vision for (2020).                     

“Yousho” added that “UAE University” is considered one of the leading State institutions concerned with Arabic language, and having some of the best teachers and curricula. He showed the College’s willingness to open doors of joint cooperation with the “UAE”, represented by the University, through a joint cooperation agreement between the two sides. It should be noted that “Ningxia College” has a network of good relations and strategic partnerships with many educational institutions and Arab Universities.                     

Professor “Saif Al Qaydi”, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, during his meeting with the Chinese delegation, in the presence of Dr. “Saif El-Mahrouki”, Vice Dean for Humanities, and Dr. “Fatma Al-Braiki”, Arabic Language and Literature Chair, valued the visit of the Chinese delegation, especially that it carries a great message of teaching and spreading the Arabic language in a big and important country like “China”. He also welcomed the joint cooperation with regard to student and academic exchange, and all matters related to curricula, teaching, and exchange of expertise.

Dr. “Mohammed Hassan ”, Dean of College of Law, in “UAE University”, during his reception of the delegation, pointed out that the “College of Law”, through the university’s strategy, is putting the Arabic language on top of its priorities list, showing his willingness to provide all kinds of support and academic advice for “Ningxia College” serving the directions and goals of both sides.

In addition, the Chinese delegation visited the University’s library and viewed references and books, and the rules of lending books through the website of the university. The delegation also toured the “College of Humanities and Social Sciences” and the “College of Law” to get acquainted with the services provided for students at the students halls, laboratories and utilities.

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Dec 13, 2017