UAEU Organizes a First Aid Course for Students and Staff

The “Student Activities Department " in cooperation with the “UAE Red Crescent Authority” organized on Monday (17/2/2014) a "First Aid" course for University staff and students, with the aim of training them on the importance of dealing with emergencies, extraordinary injuries and accidents.
"Ibrahim Muktar" Head of the “Sports Activities Unit-Male”, said that this course is part of the Department's plan to raise the level of health awareness among university staff and students, and to apprise them of the basics and rules of "First Aid", and to protect themselves from exposure to health risks, the course included (20) participants at the “Sports Activities" building on campus in the city of “Al Ain”.
Both the practical and the theoretical parts of the course were presented by the trainer "Muhannad Al Moemen" from the “UAE Red Crescent Authority”, who emphasized the importance of providing “First Aid” in a timely and correct manner, and by experienced trained persons for maintaining the injured person’s life, and to minimize the aggravation of the injury.
In turn he provided general advice, like; it is necessary to be calm, prevent a lot of people to assemble, remove the injured person away from the source or cause of danger, and then begin to assess the condition of the injured person, and collect sufficient information about the cause of the injury and its symptoms from the patient himself if conscious or from his family members present at the scene, if unconscious.
Organizer of the course, “Hany Taha" of the "Health Club" at the University, said that the course succeeded in strengthening confidence and breaking the barrier of fear of helping others and trying to save their lives as a result of injuries, such as road accidents, fire, fractures, cases of fainting, drowning or others.
The participants were given a certificate of participation at the end of the course from the “Authority”, which enables them to deal with road accidents as a paramedic in coordination with the “Authority”.
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