The initiative Qadeemak Nadeemak embodies UAE Vision 2021 to preserve the national heritage

While the UAE is hosting leaders and heads of governments of the world, and technology experts to discuss possible alternatives to raise the level of happiness of citizens, and to upgrade services provided for their people, female students from the “UAE University” launched an initiative “Qadeemak Nadeemak” which aims to preserve the heritage and ancestral customs and traditions of the UAE society and to promote these values in the society.
This initiative which seems small in front of the Government Summit but is the embodiment of the “UAE Vision 2021” as its features were identified: “In a strong and safe union, knowledgeable and innovative Emiratis will confidently build a competitive and resilient economy. They will thrive as a cohesive society bonded to its identity, and enjoy the highest standards of living within a nurturing and sustainable environment”.
The first pillar of this vision was “United in Responsibility" for each family member there is a role to play in educating young people in social values and the importance of communication in the society, there must be communication between children, parents and grandparents to ensure transfer of customs and traditions through the generations with an aim of strengthening the national identity.
At a time when the State leaders discuss ways to achieve the well-being of the people, the students of the “Department of Mass Communication” are finding ways of connection to find a way to fulfill their duties towards their generous country. “Mira Al Mansoori” says that the “Qadeemak Nadeemak” initiative aims to add a heritage curriculum both theoretical and practical, the theoretical part specializes in the UAE's past, heritage, customs, and traditions, and the practical part by teaching students popular games, traditional dances, poems, riddles, proverbs, with emphasis on the Arabization of some subjects and replacing names and foreign songs with Arabic names. With a focus on private schools through events and cultural activities during their free periods or open days, although the subjects of the  initiative is not new but the target group of the junior students in private schools gave it a new dimension.
The student’s initiative was launched at the theatre of the “College of Information Technology” at the campus in the city of “Al Ain”, and they presented to the “Committee of evaluation of projects and initiatives” comprised of faculty members in the “College of Humanities and Social Sciences” some suggestions to support the initiative such as  “Who wants to win” program as taken from the program “Who wants to be a Millionaire”, and an idea for “Sweileig Tali” event which is aimed to teach young girls how to make the traditional  tali, and “Ikhbez Weyana” event to teach all kinds of Emirati  bread making, and “Thoog wo Khaberna” event which is a traditional food tasting contest , and “Irsem wa Lawen” event  which is drawing and coloring during art class using old drawing tools.
The initiative team: "Shmaa Al Shamsi", "Ameena Saeed", "Methaa  Al Issai", "Sheikha Bager" and "Salama Al Halami" as everybody to contribute to preserving the legacy of our ancestors proud heritage by planting this love in the hearts of children, and to support their message to reach as many members of the community as possible.
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