UAEU Staff Members Complete an Intensive Training Program in Communication

Professor "Mohamed Albaili”, Deputy VC for Academic Affairs, of the UAE University", honored a group of administration personnel after their completion of an in-house training period that lasted a month on "Media Communication Skills", organized by the “Media and Communications Department” at the University in the new campus in the city of “Al Ain”. “Albaili” handed the certificates to (17) employees who completed a set of intensive training programs and workshops in journalistic writing skills in its various types, institutional and media communication, electronic press, and specialized academic media.
“Albaili” also said in a speech addressed to the staff during the ceremony held on this occasion, that the “University of UAE” and His Excellency Sheikh “Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan”, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Supreme Head of the University, are fully aware of the importance and necessity of the development and activation of the communications role of the university through the transmission of academic message and its various forms of achievements and events to the UAE community and the Arab and the world community too, through a developmental and training methodology to be directly overseen by his Excellency. This can be achieved by an integrated and professional team who are highly skillful and professional in media.
 “Mohammed Al Shamsi”, Director of Media and Communications Department”, emphasized that the university is laying great importance on the communication and media field in order to enhance the opportunities of its normal existence among the leading universities in the world, and through the exerted efforts and plans for qualifying and training staff members, especially in the field of institutional and media communication. The “Media and Communications” plan is keeping pace with the university’s plan for the development of its human resources, ensuring the importance of holding such intensive courses in cooperation with leading and experienced authorities and institutions to meet the needs of the employees and study their weaknesses and strengths.
The media expert “Muna Abo Jamea” delivered a training course in the field of specialized academic media during the intensive training program, she said that the role of the “UAE University” transcends its role as a valuable and recognized academic edifice among the international leading universities to the role of creating sustainable development for the UAE and the Arab society, and that requires a qualified and responsible media team to deliver the educational outcomes of the “UAE University” to the different segments of society from individuals, companies, ministries, institutions, and organizations. In addition, the university is exerting a lot of efforts to achieve all of that through the training programs per the needs of staff members of the university.
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Dec 13, 2017