College of Law holds the second meeting of its advisory board and organizes two seminars

On Tuesday 26th of April 2016 the College of Law held the second meeting of its advisory board, chaired by Dr. Judge Abdulwahab Abdoul, President of the Federal Supreme Court, and attended by Dr. Mohammed Hassan, Dean of the College of Law, and members of the advisory board. It was held in the business hall of the administrative building on the Al Ain campus.

Dr. Hassan said that the meeting enhances the quality of education offered through the programs that prepare graduates for the future UAE labor market. It focused on planning and making recommendations on the number of credit hours and practical training courses. In addition, the meeting reviewed materials as the college strives for academic and institutional excellence.

The Department of Public Law organized a seminar on ‘Combating Administrative Corruption’ to discuss how to combat corruption. It was held in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. There were 5 papers dealing with theoretical and practical aspects of administrative corruption, its danger to the public interest, government departments and world economic growth.

Dr. Judge Abdoul also discussed three different constitutional provisions, constitutional law and judicial control over the constitutionality of laws. He mentioned the Constitutional Chamber and its rulings in the Federal Supreme Court. The seminar was organized for faculty and students in order to link theory to practice and to allow students access to experts and specialists in the field.

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