Advisory Board of the College of Science at United Arab Emirates University holds its third meeting

Headed by His Excellency Sultan Al Hadji Vice President of Total E&P in the UAE, and the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the College, The Advisory Board of the College of Science at UAE University held its third meeting on Thursday 28th of April 2016, at the College of Science. The agenda was to discuss what has been achieved during the academic year 2015-2016 and future updates and plans set by the College in the past period.

 Dr. Ahmad Murad, Dean of the College of Science, stressed that the Board has set plans and initiatives that will put the College within the ranks of advanced colleges globally.  The Board also reviewed what has been achieved during the last period of achievements and plans in addition to comparing the College’s programs with American college programs accredited by WASC.  The Board developed a study to analyze government needs for qualified graduates from the College of Science in the disciplines of science over the next five years.

The Advisory Board’s role stems from the importance of professional and community partnership held by the University, and the role played by these institutions in the preparation of national cadres.  In addition to its work on formulating the strategic directions for colleges, and contributing to the strengthening of its reputation in the community and globally, it also supports its efforts to obtain research funding by interested institutions.

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