The United Arab Emirates University organizes training workshops and an art exhibition Sunday,17 April. 2016 The Center for Career Placement and Alumni in the Career Planning Department at the United Arab Emirates University organized a workshop on the application of professional tests to decide on a major on Sunday, 17th of April 2016, on the UAEU campus. It was done in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. The College of Humanities and [...]

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The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University, in collaboration with Alumni Affairs, organized an Open Day for Graduate Studies at the St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi for students, the community, faculty and administrative staff.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College of Science, said that “this  will familiarize students and the community with the graduate programs offered by the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University; our admission requirements, financial support, etc, and will allow students to find out about the higher education opportunities available in the college. Programs representatives are available to respond to inquiries.”

The college offers five Master’s programs: Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental and Cell Biology, as well as Doctoral programs in all disciplines.

Meanwhile, the Media and Communications Department organized a seminar entitled, ‘Pulses on the Surface of the Earth’, to coincide with ‘International Mother Earth Day’, held on April 22nd every year. Faculty, administrators and students all attended the Crescent Building on campus.

Professor Ala Al Dahan,  a professor of Geology in the College of Science, discussed the impact of climate change on the universe and natural resources, especially on temperatures; while Dr. Khalid Saleh Al Bloushi, Head of the Geology Department, spoke about the role of technology in the detection of natural resources.

This seminar aims to introduce the importance of the Earth, and to discuss the risks that human beings take by not dealing appropriately with the planet. It coincides with ‘International Mother Earth Day’, and is part of UAEU’s participation in such international events.

These events as part of the university’s mission to offer programs required by the UAE labor market and in enhancing its role in the transfer of knowledge and skills that serve the community.

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