The Student Activities Department organizes a Healthy Meals exhibition

As part of the Sehati program:

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The Health Club in the Student Activities Department at the United Arab Emirates University organized a Healthy Meals exhibition, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and as part of the Sehati program (launched in February 2016), on Sunday 24th of April 2016, in the food court on campus.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and healthy eating to prevent ill health. The university aims to encourage health awareness.

The exhibition lasted for three days and included presentations by eight different health agencies. This included the Al Noor Hospital, Ideal Dental Centre, Elixir Medical Centre, NMC Hospital, Silkor Medical Center and others, who offered a variety of health tests to students, such as dental examinations, skin and bone tests, and workshops on healthy cooking methods. In addition they provided tips on healthy lifestyles by nutritionists.

The program is part of the university’s efforts to introduce students to healthy lifestyles through sports, health and nutrition, and by interacting with various national institutions to create a sound and healthy environment for students.

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