Dr. Amr Abdullah from United Arab Emirates University wins Khalifa Award for Education

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The Board of Trustees of Khalifa Award for Education announced the names of the winners of the Khalifa Award for Education in its ninth cycle 2015/2016. Dr. Amr Abdullah Amin Fawzi, Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology in the United Arab Emirates University, has received the award for the Distinguished University Professor in the Field of Scientific Research Category in the field of higher education at the State level.

Dr. Amr Amin expressed his happiness for winning this Award, which highlights the creative and educational figures in the field of education. He said: "It is a great honor to be one of the elite winners of the Khalifa Award for Education which improves the educational work in the UAE and the Arab world".

Dr. Amr won the Award for his scientific research that focuses on the study and use of molecular mechanism for natural products, such as saffron, in order to control cancer, especially liver cancer.  

Dr. Amr holds a Bachelor and Master's degrees from Cairo University, and a Doctorate degree from the University of Illinois in Chicago. He joined the United Arab Emirates University in 2000 as an assistant professor, and he is currently a Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology in the Department of Biology of the College of Science. This award confirms the advanced research vision of the University, which stems from the importance of scientific research and its role in building a knowledge society.

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