The Al Multaqa at the United Arab Emirates University launches the 1st cultural forum with the title ‘Earth Dream’

The University Social Club (Al Multaqa), part of the Media and Communications Department at the United Arab Emirates University launched the 1st Cultural Forum under the banner, ‘UAE Biennale: Earth Dream’ on Monday, April 11th, 2016. Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment, faculty, staff and students all attended the forum in the Information Technology Theater. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

The aim of the 1st Cultural Forum is to strengthen the role of the university in the dissemination of knowledge to all levels of society and to consolidate the cooperation between various bodies concerned with research. This research contribute to the development of research solutions in areas of strategic importance and seeks partnerships with other stakeholders.

Dr. Mohammed Hilal, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts from Alexandria University, said that this helps to create intellectual and academic space for discussion, research and studies, some of which are published in international, regional and local periodicals in order to share experiences. This contributes to enriching the research community as it seeks to innovate in areas of national and regional importance.

The forum included a number of lectures on Earth Sciences. There was a lecture on ‘Restoring and Preserving Human Heritage” by Dr. Mohammed Hilal; a talk about a ‘Trip on the Planet of Colors’ Dr. Stacey Kalkovski, a professor in the Department of English Literature, and a lecture entitled ‘Art and its Role in Society”, by Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohsen, a visual artist and lecturer from Egypt. 

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