University College organizes Pre-graduation Research Conference for students, and honors those in charge of SASP

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The Student Academic Success Program (SASP) of the University College at the United Arab Emirates University organized a pre-graduation Research Conference 2016 on Tuesday, April 19th 2016.  In attendance was Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, a number of the University deans, faculty members and students. Special guest students from Zayed University - Dubai, at the Information Technology Theater on campus also attended.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili emphasized that the UAE University is keen on scientific research in order to develop research solutions in strategic areas of the State.  The university constantly strives to meet the community’s needs of research in all fields and to achieve leadership and excellence in higher education and scientific research at the regional and global levels.  Prof. Albaili also pointed to the vital role of the University in the development of scientific research and innovation capabilities in areas of national and regional importance.

The conference aims were to encourage university students to participate in scientific research in order to develop their skills and capabilities in scientific research.  Students are encouraged to share knowledge and skills for the benefit of all students in the community with goal of directing them towards innovation and creativity. UAEU students delivered 10 research presentations and papers, and presented a variety of technical projects, such as a project to find therapeutic solutions for breast cancer with honey.  Another looked at the impact of the common market on trade between the GCC countries while Zayed University students delivered three research presentations, such as Emirati students’ motives and their self-management.

It is worth mentioning that the University College has organized a ceremony honoring the students in charge of "SASP" for the current semester of 2016, in recognition of their efforts to the success of the program which serves the new students of the University. The ceremony included a range of scientific, cultural, and social activities and competitions, and the students in charge of the program competed with the supervisors from the faculty members at the University College.

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