UAEU starts its intensive program for excellent students

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), on Sunday, August 7, 2016, began receiving more than 400 students enrolled in the intensive program for excellent students who have met the basic conditions for the accelerated exam, which saves a full academic year in the Foundation classes of Arabic Language and Mathematics, and is offered by the Admissions Department in the Student Affairs and Enrollment Sector.

Ms. Amna Nasser Al Bloushi, Director of the Admissions Department at the university, said that the university foundation program is constantly evolving to keep pace with changes and to meet the needs of the community, by preparing a cadre of distinguished students capable of responsibility and to lead the future. She also noted that this year's program gives students a chance to finish the Foundation Year in one day only, by training them before the exam and allowing each student two opportunities to pass the exam.

Al Bloushi also explained that the main goal is to help the new students to make the transition from high school to university successfully.It is worth mentioning that the students enrolled in this exam must meet the following conditions; an average of 84% or above in high school, and a score of 180 or above in the CEPA- English Exam, or a minimum score of (5.0) in the Academic IELTS exam.

This program emphasizes the keenness of United Arab Emirates University to ensure the provision of a high quality education for all students, by providing the necessary support for its students in all fields, in furtherance of its role in transferring knowledge and skills to serve the community, and preparing graduates who are leaders and pioneers in their fields.

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