Student Affairs and Enrollment Sector launches "Sajjel Besa’adah" Initiative

As part of a series of initiatives

The Student Affairs and Enrollment Sector of the United Arab Emirates University organized "Sajjel Besa’adah" initiative on campus, on Sunday, August 21st, 2016, in order to facilitate all matters related to registration requirements. This initiative was launched in the presence of Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment, deans, and students.

Dr. Al Kaabi said: “This initiative comes as part of a series launched by Student Affairs, in order to bring happiness to the students, by simplifying all their concerns and enhance university life, in cooperation with the Registration Sector and the University’s colleges. This will make the registration process easier for students and resolve any problems they may face during the Add/Drop period. It also ensures the presence of all colleges in the same place to help students in case they need guidance.”

The counseling unit’s staff for various colleges and the registration officers are available in the same place from Sunday to Thursday, in order to provide assistance to students as required. At the launch, both students and the counseling staff expressed their satisfaction with this initiative that is designed both to save time and effort and to make students feel happy.

There are also student volunteers who guide the students to the locations of the college representatives and they also respond to any general inquiries. These current students help freshmen to coordinate their academic schedules in fully-equipped halls. They also organize the entry of students and provide other services as necessary.

This initiative is the first of its kind, and the Student Affairs Sector seeks to receive feedback from students about this initiative, in order to find out the problems to be avoided in future and to improve on the service in the hope that all services provided for the University students become the source of happiness. This initiative falls in line with the vision of the UAEU to develop interesting programs of study and discover methods of and  solutions for building a sustainable environment for creativity, thus achieving happiness and well-being for the University community.


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