The United Arab Emirates University holds counseling meetings for new students in academic year 2016/2017

As part of new student orientation

  • orientation

The Student Academic Success Program (SASP) in the University College held a meeting between new students and the Academic Advising Unit in order to introduce the students to the three phases of their university education. This starts from the early years and goes until their final project. A number of SASP staff and department heads in the University Foundation Program were in attendance.

Mr. Paul Morley, the coordinator of academic advising and Mr. Marwan Fayyad, an academic advisor, delivered s presentation about the stages that students go through during their studies at UAEU. This was done in English and Arabic. Additionally, the heads of various departments briefed the students on their respective departments and answered queries. The students were divided into groups by college to provide counseling concerning registration procedures and attendance requirements among other issues.

The Student Activities Department also organized an introductory meeting for new students in first semester 2016-2017. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment was present to see an introductory video on student activities, the distribution of registration forms and many books being handed out to students.

These events are part of the university’s support for students properly. They engage the students in the counseling process and provide short courses in writing skills, reading strategies, learning techniques, and listening tips among other factors that enable students to succeed in their studies.

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