United Arab Emirates University organizes official ceremony to welcome new students

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The Student Activities Department of the United Arab Emirates University organized a program to welcome the new students, and also organized an exhibition for innovation, on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. This was held in the Great Hall of the Crescent Building, in the presence of His Excellency Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili welcomed new and returning students, their parents, and new faculty members, and in his speech, said: "Today, a new stage of your life has just begun, which must be filled by optimism and positiveness, and through which you make plans for your future. This stage highly depends on you, and it differs from the previous educational stages, for it requires new skills and advanced capabilities for development in the future and for the building of your country".

His Excellency thanked the wise leadership for providing free educational opportunities to students, and he urged the students to utilize their time, develop themselves and contribute to the country.

The ceremony included the experience of Wafaa Hammami, a blind student from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, who wrote a book entitled "Stay Relaxed". Waffa offered a piece of advice to her fellow students, saying: "Reading is the food of soul and mind, and it is the foundation stone for building a man capable of building their nation and civilization". The ceremony concluded with a musical performance by the University’s students.

The event also included a display of some innovative projects by students. The College of Engineering participated with the “Can Compressor” project, a machine that presses the soft drink cans to facilitate the recycling process, and the College of Information Technology showcased two innovative projects. The first involved the "Star Application", which is an application that serves as a tour guide for the zoo, to suit all age groups, and the second project was the "Future of Treatment by Robots", which demonstrated how robots may be used to help autistic persons.

The College of Science also participated with their project, a device to measure gases and environmental pollution. The College of Food and Agriculture concluded the event with designs for parks, and some displays of interior agriculture. This event reflects the keenness of the United Arab Emirates University to support students, guide them properly, and provide all support for them.

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