UAEU celebrates Emirati Women's Day under the theme "Women and Innovation"

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The United Arab Emirates University (uaeu) organized the events of Emirati Women's Day on campus, under the theme "Women and Innovation". This involved promoting the role of women and encouraging them to be innovative and creative. These events were attended by Professor Faeqa Hilal, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Professor Hassan Alnaboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and various other faculty members, students and staff.

Among the events organized were exhibitions of student projects, a film about women’s role in society, and a panel discussion that included success stories of outstanding Emirati women. In addition, students of the Department of Geography received the membership of "Gamma" for Excellence in Geography. The Gamma organization, based in the United States, is one of the world's most important geographical bodies and is concerned with mapping, and documenting academic research in world geography.

For its part, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences organized a ceremony to mark the "Emirati Women's Day". Three Emirati pioneers in the Health Sector in the State participated. Dr. Alia Faisal Galadari, Chairman of Health inspire, and leader of the Future Health Innovation Team, delivered a presentation on the concept of innovation in the medical field. Dr. Alia Saeed Al Bawardi, Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, talked about the role of women in the field of health development, and Dr. Saeeda S. Al Marzooqi introduced the concept of innovation and creativity. At the end of the ceremony, the College’s community honored these female pioneers.

In the same context, the College of Science organized the Distinguished Emirati Scientist Forum. Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of College of Science, the Assistant Dean, heads of academic departments, faculty members, and students all attended. In addition, Dr. Asma Al Menhali, Dr. Muna Bufaroosha, Dr. Ruwaya Alkendi, Dr. Yusra Al Dhaheri, and Dr. Dalal Al Shamsi, professors from the College of Science, talked about their careers, and the support they received from the State to build them. The Forum ended by honoring all lecturers and participants.

The UAE celebrates the "Emirati Women's Day" on the 28th of August each year, and the UAE leadership is committed to UAE women's role in the development of the country.

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