College of Science team meets Al Ain Municipality delegation with a view to future cooperation

The UAEU College of Science held a meeting with Al Ain Municipality on Monday, December 19, 2016, to discuss future cooperation between the two institutions, in the presence of  Al Ain City Municipality Executive Director of Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector, Suhail Thani Al Mheiri, UAEU College of Science Dean Professor Ahmed Murad, a number UAEU research center deans and directors, and the Al Ain Municipality Infrastructure Sector team.

The meeting was held to discuss means of cooperation between the university and the infrastructure sector of the municipality, in order to envision a way forward for the future of the city of Al Ain.

Delegates from the municipality infrastructure sector gave a presentation titled Al Ain In 30 Years’ Time, envisaging the future of infrastructure in the garden city, and suggesting a set of scientific ideas and initiatives designed to serve the urban and demographic development of Al Ain over the next 30 years.

Professor Murad explained that this meeting was part of a series of continuous meetings to cooperate with the college’s strategic partners, to strengthen this cooperation through activating the scientific research partnership, to provide the latest applied scientific research services in line with international standards, and to create research solutions in strategic areas of the country to fit the national vision of the future for the development of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain by 2030.

Mr. Al Mheiri said, "We aim through this meeting with the deans and directors of research centers at the university to develop a set of ideas in collaboration with the university’s students and faculty members to be converted into integrated projects in terms of the study, design, and implementation, which will serve the infrastructure sector of the Al Ain City community over the next 30 years, through foreseeing the future and student initiatives, according to a scientific system, to ensure the city's infrastructural development, safety, and sustainability.”

He added that the UAE leadership, as per their vision for the future, urges government agencies and concerned institutions to interact directly, and participate with the educational institutions and research centers to face future challenges and create opportunities for Al Ain’s development and sustainability, through projects conducted by students and faculty members to develop innovative and creative ideas, and by developing and implementing them in the infrastructure sector to build a city of the future.

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