College of Humanities and Social Sciences reviews graduation projects of Department of Mass Communication to enhance creative thinking skills

The department of Mass Communication of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) at UAEU held their final evaluation of student media projects for the integrated course on Sunday 4th of December 2016, at the College of Information Technology, attended by faculty members and the college community.

The evaluating committee, department Chair Dr. Muhammed Musa and college faculty member Dr. Badreya Al Jenaibi reviewed the projects to evaluate the students' media skills.

The student team of the UAE University Reads project presented their media vision which aimed to increase awareness of the importance of reading in building the future, through stimulating reading by students and faculty members by creating a small library at the CHSS and filling it with the latest versions, titles and topics in the field of their specialties, so that students can increase their motivation and desire to consume specialized scientific reading within the university community, and to change the negative idea students have of reading and turn it into a positive and daily habit.

Female students of the Just a Doll project showcased a campaign to reflect the exploitation of social media celebrities, who work through paid advertising, with companies seeking to market their products and services regardless of the usefulness or damage incurred by those services offered to the consumer. The campaign warned of the dangers of the commercial exploitation of celebrities, and the dangers of adolescents copying the celebrities through social networking platforms for the Fashionista phenomenon.

The I Was Here project idea was to leave a positive imprint on society through a range of initiatives and activities that leave a good impact on the soul of humans, targeting different age groups in society through the concept of leaving a media footprint.

The Now You See Me project team put on a media workshop to reflect the capabilities of the human mind, the will, and to promote positivity and use the power of the mind to overcome the difficulties of life to achieve security and happiness, for individuals of 15 years old and above.

The Al Ain Production Project team presentation showed a short media program, produced with the latest production technology, to solve youth issues through the arts and promotion of an art culture among this group of society.

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