College of Engineering at United Arab Emirates University discusses 69 projects in industry

For graduation 

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The College of Engineering students at United Arab Emirates University presented 69 graduation projects for 294 male and female college students, over two days (7-8 December 2016), within the integrative design course. The course is taught over two semesters, with 6 credit hours in the last year of the academic program at the College.

Dr. Hamad Al Jassmi, Head of the Graduation Projects unit said: "The course is designed for students to deal with a different vision of industrial problems, to find new opportunities to solve them. It's also a good opportunity to attract students of the College of Engineering in institutions dealing with the industry, through their work on their projects”. He added that "The course gives students real experience in design, by making use of the basic information acquired during the years of study to make modern products, or to produce new equipment or upgrade existing operations."

The submitted projects included a project to monitor the heart circulation, which continuously monitors the ECG and give long term medical diagnostics; the production of liquid fuels from a  natural gas project, extracting the element boron from sea water; an online radio control systems for photovoltaic generators; the design of a device to measure glucose along with other pilot projects presented by college students.

The graduation projects addressed important areas of strategic priority for the UAE to achieve sustainable development. The students were introduced to design methodology, project management and organization in terms of time and cost. The projects strengthened students’  communication skills and gave them experience in dealing with global design specifications.



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