The College of Science at UAEU chooses national books for December

The “Happiness in a Book” campaign 

On Monday 5th of December 2016, the College of Science at UAEU chose a national collection of books to be distributed to college students, as part of a "Happiness in a Book" campaign. This is part of a monthly event, organized by the College for its students, in collaboration with the student Watani Al Emarat Club. The event was attended by Dr. Ahmad Murad, Dean of the College of Science, various professors and many of the university’s students.

Dr. Murad commented: "In response to the directives of the wise leadership, to make the year 2016 a Year of Reading, and on the occasion of the 45th National Day celebrations of the UAE State, the College has launched the “Happiness in a Book” campaign. This is in line with the strategic plan of the State, to strengthen national identity among the young generation who are the nation’s future leaders. To achieve this goal, the College has sought, with cooperation from strategic partners, to organize this Happiness in a Book Campaign which will be a year in duration. A new book will be chosen every month and distributed to students as a gift to further encourage reading and enable them to increase their knowledge. It will also enhance their patriotic feeling and strengthen their sense of citizenship”. He added: "As reading is the key to innovation and scientific research, the College seeks to promote such research through this reading campaign. In so doing, the College will offer books in the coming months serving the development of student skills.”

Several books were chosen with national titles including: the "National Identity and Citizenship” book, another by Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum, “Ramz Khalid Min Rumuz Al-Emarat," and also "the historical depth of union thought in UAE State", all from the national book series which promotes the national identity of the UAE. At the event, a number of college students read extracts from the books and were introduced to the useful and valuable information about Federalism in the UAE.

At the end of the campaign, the Dean of the College of Science distributed copies of the various books to the students, who welcomed the initiative and expressed their willingness to participate in it. They thanked the College and University for the opportunity to obtain such useful books and for helping them appreciate the value of reading. 

The campaign aims to distribute up to 1000 books to students in the various fields of knowledge.


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