The United Arab Emirates University Information Technology Sector meets with its staff to develop proposals for ‘Happiness’.

To establish a happy and positive environment: 

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The Information Technology Sector in the United Arab Emirates University convened a meeting of its staff to develop initiatives on happiness, with the aim of providing a happy and harmonious working environment within the Sector. The meeting was held on Tuesday 6th December, on campus, in the presence of Professor Afra Al Shamsi, Director of the Sector and its employees.

Professor Afra Al Shamsi said “A ‘Happiness Committee’ was created in the Information Technology Sector, in line with the national happiness program, which aims to establish an appropriate environment for the happiness of individuals and employees, and establish positivity as a fundamental value in UAE society and in the University community. This should reflect positively on the volume of work done as well as its quality, as happiness is considered most important in  supporting social stability and increases the chances of creating an advanced society on all levels".

The Sector’s Happiness Committee will work on learning about the views and suggestions of the staff, to ensure a happy and supportive work environment, in turn, building teamwork among employees. The Committee seeks constant communication with employees to convert ideas and proposals into practice, and to organize initiatives based on their suggestions.

The meeting included a range of events and activities that aim to spread the spirit of happiness and positivity among employees. The Information Technology Sector works to provide technical services for the various sectors in the University, and aims to resolve problems promptly and unceasingly, providing a stable and positive environment at the University.

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