College of Science at United Arab Emirates University launches ‘Happy College’ to stimulate creativity

The College of Science at United Arab Emirates University launched the ‘Happy College’ program on Sunday 4th December 2016, at the college building on campus. The program aims to create a happy and stimulating work environment for creativity and innovation in the college. The launch was attended by Dr. Ahmad Murad, Dean of the College of Science, representatives of the Happiness and Positivity Team in the University, college professors, students and staff.

The Dean of the College of Science said: “The College aims to make happiness a permanent lifestyle to all employees, faculty and students, thus achieving more productivity in the areas of scientific research, community service and teaching in accordance with the highest international standards, implementing the directives of the wise leadership, in adopting the values of happiness and positivity in all aspects of life, and in support of the national happiness and positivity program, which seeks to establish positivity as a fundamental value in UAE society.”

The Dean said during the launch of the program that a ‘Happiness and Positivity Council’ will be established. This is designed for students and College staff to find a source of happiness and positivity, along with the ‘Social Gathering’ initiative, in which the Dean will meet with staff and students unofficially to listen to them, discuss, motivate them, and produce creative ideas.

The happiness program contains several initiatives such as the ‘Taqdear’ initiative, which aims to appreciate the College faculty for their excellence in teaching and research, and to appreciate students for their academic excellence, as well as staff of the College for their outstanding achievements in the work environment. This is in addition to the ‘Happy thoughts’ initiative, the ‘Musharaka’ student program, the ‘Happiness in a book’ campaign, the ‘1000 messages in happiness and positivity’, the ‘Twasol’ and ‘Ithraa’ initiatives and others that will support positivity and a happy environment in the College, as well as stimulating students and employees.





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