The Career Planning Section organizes "Teamwork" lecture for university students

The Career Planning Section of the Center for Career Placement and Alumni at the United Arab Emirates University organized a lecture on "teamwork", delivered by the certified trainer Iman Al Dossari.  Held on December 6, 2016, at the Activities Building in Al Ain Campus, it was attended by a number of female employees and students.

Munira Al Yazidi, Professional Counselor in the Career Planning Section, said: "This lecture aims to raise the students’ awareness of the importance of teamwork, as it is an essential and effective factor for creating a united society capable of contribution as cooperative societies are the most capable to overcome societal difficulties".  She pointed to the role of the Career Planning Section in providing various services to students to help them develop their goals and make the appropriate decisions related to their future career, as well as providing them with the job skills needed to be prepared for the labor market.

Ms. Al Yazidi explained that holding such events is part of the University's mandate to provide an opportunity for students to share their experiences and views with specialists and experts on important topics.  The overall aim is to build a cultured generation that possesses the values ​​advocated by the University, such as teamwork and effective communication.  She also mentioned another workshop organized by the Section, entitled "My Future Starts Today".  It is conducted by Dr. Majid Afif, a certified trainer, in order to allow students to formulate a clear picture of their future goals and facilitate their life choices.

Iman Al Dossari discussed several approaches on the concept and value of teamwork.  She talked about its importance in developing the individual and making people sociable and special through interaction with others.  By seeking to acquire social skills through group interaction, it is considered the primary generator of the integration process among individuals, especially in that it increases production capacity. In addition, it develops the spirit of respect, the ability to part with incorrect ideas, and avoiding being over-opinionated.  Finally, she presented exercises and tests that measure the teamwork skill for students.

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