The College of Science organizes a scientific workshop on "air quality and health effects"

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The College of Science of the United Arab Emirates University organized a workshop entitled "Indoor Air Quality and Health Effects", in collaboration with Camfil Company for clean air solutions.  Held on December 6, 2016, at the Information Technology Building on campus, in attendance were Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of College of Science, professors, and students.

Dr. Murad began the workshop by saying: "These types of workshops increase students’ knowledge about scientific topics and the latest devices used in the areas of quality air solutions.  They allow them to develop their skills by transferring knowledge to them and linking practical experience with their academic programs. It is also an opportunity to introduce the students to topics related to air pollutants, both indoor and outdoor, and their impact on health.  They also learn the skills of analysis and comparison, and the solutions to reduce pollutants".

Dr. Nader John, a specialist in Camfil Company, showcased devices to measure pollutants in the air, and explained how to purify the air.  He stated that measuring pollution has an impact on the development of plans and strategies for the construction and establishment of factories and other aspects of urban planning. He also said: "Recent studies issued by the regional office of the World Health Organization in Europe and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development showed that the economic cost to nearly 600,000 premature deaths and other diseases caused by air pollution has reached 1.6 trillion dollars in the European region of WHO in 2010, which is equivalent to almost one tenth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the European Union in 2013".

The workshop’s aims were to enable students to assess air pollution risk and climate change, identify ways to maintain quality of indoor air in homes and at work and how to take preventive measures.  It also aimed at increasing their awareness about the diseases caused by pollutants and high levels of air pollution.

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