To spread awareness of health issues: The United Arab Emirates University launches the sixth season of the Big Winner program

To spread awareness of health issues:

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The Student Activities Unit on the male campus at the United Arab Emirates University launched the sixth annual ‘Big Winner’ program on Tuesday, 2nd of February. The program has the slogan ‘Achieve your change your life.” There was also a lecture about obesity in the theatre in the College of Information Technology. Mr. Ibrahim Mukhtar, Head of the Student Activities Unit and Professor Yacob Al Ahmadi, Head of the Sport Activities Department were present along with a number of students.

The program aims to help obese students by making them aware of the risks and health issues, especially for those who exceed 90 kilograms. The program will last for 3 months and include more lectures.

65 students will take part this year. They will take on intensive diets and a sports programs over the 3 month period and will check their weight each week. They will learn about physical exercises and also undergo periodic medical and physiologic tests conducted by the NMC Hospital and the Nutrition Department in the College of Food And Agriculture.

Hani Taha, the program supervisor, explained the stages of the program and showed photographs of the impressive results of the previous programs. Finally, Muhannad Al Harbawi, who lost  a lot of weight in the previous year, described his successful experience.

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