The United Arab Emirates University organizes a lecture on ‘10 habits to excel at work’

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The Center for Career Placement and Alumni at the United Arab Emirates University organized a lecture on ‘10 habits to excel at work’ on Monday 29th of February 2016 in the theatre in the College of Information Technology on the Maqam Campus. It was attended by students and presented by Dr. Karima Al Idani, a psychologist from the Ministry of Education.

The lecture was about motivation, loyalty and preparing students for the labor market. It aimed to teach students how to assume responsibility and take on leadership roles. Dr. Al Idani gave a series of tips and other advice to help students excel in their future professions.

The lecturer added that, “the work environment can either kill or promote creativity.” She stressed the importance of rest, nutrition and other aspects that contribute to creativity and promote good mental health. Such mental health is the ability to be happy even when under certain pressures.

Mariam Al Kaabi, the director of the Center for Career Placement and Alumni, thanked Dr. Al Idani for her contribution to the students future careers adding that she is the first UAE psychologist working at ministerial level with Abu Dhabi Education Council. She holds a Ph.D in mental health counseling.


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