United Arab Emirates University organizes lectures

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The Professional Development Unit in the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University held a workshop on job interviews on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. There were three workshops aimed at preparing students for job interviews and acquainting them with the importance of ethics in the workplace.

The Center for Career Placement and Alumni at UAEU also organized a lecture entitled, “Develop Your Career Skills: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking”, in the College of Information Technology. The lecture was delivered by Rashid Al Ketbi who discussed the skills required to develop the art of public speaking and presentation. He explained how to do a good presentation, how to overcome fear through good preparation, readiness and also exercise. All of this contributes to preparing students for future educational and career steps.

The Student Activities Unit also organized a lecture on systematic and sustainable innovation on Monday, February 22nd, 2016 to encourage young people to appreciate the importance of community development. Mr. Mahmoud Rawajba, from Dubai Customs, talked about the importance of innovation in our lives and stressed the need to disseminate the results of such innovations. He also mentioned the global challenges we face today.

These lectures reflect the university’s role in creating and supporting a fertile environment for innovation.

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