The United Arab Emirates University organizes lectures and seminars

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The Department of Translation Studies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University organized a lecture on ‘Instantaneous Translation in UAE law courts: employment policy, training opportunities and quality standards’ on Wednesday 24th February, 2016. The aim of this lecture was to highlight the work of interpreters in the national court system. It was attended by both faculty and students.

Dr. Moza Al Tunaiji, an assistant professor in the Department of Translation Studies, discussed the need for interpreters to hone their skills in order to translate information correctly and accurately. It is important for translators within the judicial system to work accurately and efficiently as their work has many serious consequences for the public interest.

Meanwhile, the Mass Communications Department in the College of Humanities organized a panel discussion on ‘Digital Journalism and the Digital Curriculum.” It analyzed the journalism curriculum and discussed how to reduce the gap between journalism in practice and the current educational approach to developing educational programs to meet the needs of a constantly changing and fluid reality in the contemporary press and media context.

These events are part of the university’s role in promoting knowledge in the community and in adopting the best learning methods available to improve the quality of higher education until it reaches international standards.

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