The United Arab Emirates University celebrates ‘Law Day’

To raise awareness of legal issues:

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The College of Law of the United Arab Emirates University organized a ‘Law Day’ event to discuss the societal role of law. It was held in collaboration with 14 law institutions and in the presence of Sheikh Salim Mohammed Bin Rakkad Al Ameri, a former member of the Federal National Council; Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Al Kamali, Director General of the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies; Dr. Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment; Dr. Mohammed Hassan Al Qassim, Dean of the College of law; Dr. Habiba Al Shamsi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Chair of the Organizing Committee and faculty, legal advisors, experts, officers, representatives of the various legal entities and students.

Dr. Ali Saeed Al Kaabi delivered a speech to welcome the attendees where he praised efforts to raise awareness of legal culture and learning rules and regulations to pave the way for a life free from legal problems.

Dr. Abdullah Al Khatib, Assistant Dean for Professional Development, talked about the legal clinic at the university, pointing out that it is a practical application of theory and designed to allow students to practice legal work in a realistic way. This approach has been adopted in many universities around the world.

Dr. Habiba Al Shamsi, Chair of the Organizing Committee, said that, “The goal of this event is to raise awareness of the law and shed light on institutions concerned with law enforcement. The dissemination of legal awareness in a practical, rather than academic, way is very important.”

The Law Day included a performance entitled ‘Safaro Oma Khabbaroona’ involving Al Ain Customs and a short film entitled ‘Aman’ produced by the Student Law Society in collaboration with the Security Information Department (Aman). There was also a show entitles, “Thank You Protectors of the Country” which was a performance by the Al Ain Military Band. Finally, there was a police dog show involving the Security Inspection Department and a review of the Legal Clinic’s programs.

Additionally, there was an exhibition attended by 14 federal and local institutions: the Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Development; the Dubai Courts Department; Military Justice Department; the Judicial Department of Abu Dhabi; the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Crime Scene Department; the Security Inspection Department; the General Directorate of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention; the Dubai Police Academy; Al Ain international Airport Customs; the Emirates Lawyers and Jurists Association; the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies; the Watani Foundation and the Information Agency.

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