The United Arab Emirates University participates in the BETT Conference 2016 in England

BETT Conference 2016

  • london

The United Arab Emirates University participated in the BETT Conference 2016 (20-23, January 2016). It is the world’s leading education technology event and was held in London with a focus on innovation and educational technology. There were many experts, officials and investors from around the world I attendance.

Professor Ghaleb Ali Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, stressed that the participation of the UAE’s national university in this important global event is an opportunity to become acquainted with the latest findings in educational technology, especially with regard to smart phone applications. Participants can identify successful models and employ them to assist faculty in developing modern teaching methods. The delegation attended meetings and workshops to engage in dialogue regarding educational technology. This event takes place every year and is concerned with new technological applications to support education, promote innovation and to increase among teachers and students.

The female UAEU students participating in the conference gave a presentation on an electronic program for geographical sciences and spatial information systems that can support the teaching of tenth grade geography. It uses iPad devices and smart phone applications. They also presentation on the ‘Smart Boat’ project for environmental studies. They were pleased to take part in the conference and accompanying exhibition and admired many of the modern technological products from many countries that can support the learning process in classrooms and universities.

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