The United Arab Emirates University organizes a workshop on sustainable projects in the Science Park

In cooperation with the University of Trento and Plus Value for Business Sustainability

The United Arab Emirates University organized a workshop entitled “Strategies for business sustainability and social responsibility for emerging companies”, on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016. This was for the participants and winners of the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation. This is part of the seventh stage of the Business Incubators’ Program run by the Research and Graduate Studies Office, the Faculty of Economics and Management from Italian University of Trento (Italy), and Value Plus International Consulting and Business Sustainability.

The four day workshop was attended by Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, Executive Director of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park; Professor Michel Andres from Trento University; Vuorinza Iebarini, Deputy Executive Director of Plus Value, and Filippo Adre, Vice Director of the Business Sustainability Foundation – England. They were joined by the winning project teams and others from the Science and Innovation Park.

The workshop aims to explain new global business models that allow companies to achieve sustainability and social responsibility by providing products and services to the community. This, in turn, can create new job opportunities, products and services that enhance the competitiveness of emerging companies at local and international levels. The workshop also dealt with analyzing variables and challenges; developing plans, and coming up with new business models that incorporate social values, sustainability and continuity.

Professor Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, said that the United Arab Emirates University prioritizes the National Innovation Strategy and make it the driving force behind scientific research. This is in order to face future challenges in terms of renewable energy, water resources, health, education and human resources. He said that, “this approach from the Research and Graduate Studies Department is looking towards implementing our vision of developing and protecting innovations and patents in order to enhance business sustainability. This must be done in tune with the values ​​and culture of the UAE, the Middle East, and the international community. We enable innovators to face challenges and ensure continuity. In this context, this workshop on business sustainability promotes the protection of those projects that won the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation.’

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash added that, “this workshop is an extension of other workshops organized to complement the Business Incubators’ Program. It looks at the scientific, economic and financial aspects of business sustainability through a model of social responsibility for emerging companies. By attracting experts in business sustainability from other countries we can help students to understand the latest global business practices. According to the UAE Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 the university should be able to compete at an international level in innovative projects and other services that are coming from the UAEU Science and Innovation Park.”

The workshop will showcase innovative projects in order to analyze them and build strategy models aimed at business sustainability. There are international experts assisting with each project. They suggest practical tools to ensure business continuity for  emerging companies under the supervision and management of the Research and Graduate Studies Department at UAEU.


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